WitfulMadrasi noun

wit.ful.madras.i | witful.madrasi | wi.t.fulmadrasi

Definition of WitfulMadrasi

  1. This word does not exist.
  2. Wacky etymologist: amalgamation of wit and madrasi (a person hailing from Madras, India) with a filler in-between.

Synonyms: Karthigeyan

Antonyms: TBA

Commonly confused with: WishfulMadrasi which also does not exist.

Recent Blogs

India: Anniversary Edition

Yaay, folks. It’s my anniversary. This excerpt is written by the WitfulMadrasi bot.

My experiments with Escapism

Escapism encourages a person to dwell in a fantasized reality delimiting their abilities. I will articulate my different escapes into three segments based on the period of their occurrence.

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This was my first trek with a humongous group. This trek spanned for close to 16 kilometres, which could be tiresome for some.

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Captured in Berlin, Germany.

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