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Hi, Beautiful Person (⁀ᗢ⁀)

Delighted to meet you here!

Let’s start with a round of introductions.

I’m Karthigeyan ヾ(^∇^)

I have had too many nicknames: Karthig|Karthik|KGS|Karthi|Karth|Karthu|Car-Tee|Swiss Army Knife|Karthigeya 😉

My name has been mispronounced, misspelled, and misused far more times than I could count. 😀

I have a long-standing list of hobbies or escapes as I would like to call them.

Writing is one of them. 🤗

You can find more about me here.

Head to contact me so that I could get to know you more. ⊂((・▽・))⊃

My Recent Blogs ✍🏻

Life’s A Tape Recorder: Rewind

Memories tend to be long lasting when formed with people who have had a deep and constant impact in one’s life. Here is an account of the same.

India: Code Green and Tranquillity

Continuing from where we left off earlier, we explore the serene and calmness inducing Kanyakumari and other exotic locations closeby.

India: Anniversary Edition

Yaay, folks. It’s my anniversary. This excerpt is written by the WitfulMadrasi bot.

My experiments with Escapism

Escapism encourages a person to dwell in a fantasized reality delimiting their abilities. I will articulate my different escapes into three segments based on the period of their occurrence.

I’m Tired of Everything

The following account was shared with me by someone who wants to stay anonymous yesterday. It was both heart-wrenching and agonising to hear about this.

Shattered dreams: An anthology

The following anthology is a collection of four short stories bringing into spotlight different timelines one goes through in a canvas of life. In the end, these short stories converge and chime into a common theme: shattered dream.

Shattered dreams: An Epilogue

The following anthology is a collection of four short stories bringing into spotlight different timelines one goes through in a canvas of life. In the end, these short stories converge and chime into a common theme: shattered dream.

To read in a more structured way, head straight to Blogposts.

Appreciation Board😊

I would like to showcase some of the heartfelt appreciation and love that I had received for my writing privately, here, in no particular order. I will continue to add more as they shower in! 🤗

Karthig, your writing is honest and beautiful. I enjoyed reading it until the very end, along with the fun statistic! Escapism really is inevitable — to some, it’s drugs, to others, it’s writing. I’m just glad you belong to the latter! Don’t ever stop writing.

– Soundarya

I’m not the only one that enjoys it, for sure, many people has commented (personally) how they like to read what you write and how nice it is. So, at the end, if by publishing what you write you make someone happy, I think it’s worth it.

– Uriel

You are an excellent writer. 😅 You write and explain things well.

– Raksha

You’re doing really great with your posts these days. One thing I notice though is that you sometimes sound apologetic. In case it’s not deliberate, I wanted you to know that you don’t need to apologize for your posts. From the reactions and comments, I can tell that people really appreciate what you’re writing. You can own that 🙂 Embrace your new status as a thought leader 🙂

– Aggie
Karthig! I want to read more [Press here 😁].

I read about your pandemic experience. I am sorry that you had to go through all of that! I am super glad that you are in a happy place now. The articles were raw, well-written and witty. I am very happy for you! You managed to learn from your challenging experience, while still being true to yourself.

– Kailash

I came across your post in my feed and I felt it was so brave of you to share whatever you shared on a platform where people always talk about their successes. Mainly because, I was in a situation like that and was totally relating, which thankfully I overcame recently.

– Gopalan

It’s great I must say, I think you spoke out my mind on this one, everything was quite similar and related to my experiences apart from PCA 😄. Would look forward to more.

– Kishore

It’s really nice haha. Makes me feel nostalgic about the previous years. Even though we didn’t have a pub crawl.

– Konstantina

Your English is flawless as seen in your blogs. Will always your support your blogs.

– Rahul

I didn’t get to finish the whole post da. I’ll have a look soon. But I loved what I read.

– Akshay

Nice blog! I liked the part about your one friend that always threatens to kill you 🤣

– Sonja

Yoo, read it man. You are actually good at this writing stuff. I cannot wait for further ones.

– Alpay

Haha, you remember the beginning of your masters to such detail and nice tone.

– Nayoung

Hey, nicely written – always great to hear someone write about mental health when the expectation is to always come across as strong and put-together. Keep fighting the good fight!

– Mustafa

I love to reread your posts because of the only reason, it kind of teleports me to the space you had been mentioning about in all of them! It’s just great, certainly keep soaring in, Anna! I would like to see you in anon becoming an Author writing about fusions of a turbulent yet beautiful life with some computational ingredients to it.

– Aditya

This is very well written, thank you for sharing your experience with writing and maintaining a blog. Also, congratulations on keeping at it for a year! Your thoughts on how views and reach of your posts don’t really matter in the long run if you truly enjoy the process is eye-opening.

– Shivansh

I love reading your posts; your Christmas memories and your experience of getting out of your comfort zone during your stay in Germany being my favourites. Keep sharing, I’m sure everyone here enjoys listening to your endeavours as much as I do!

– Ashutosh

Ending with appreciation from my parents, who have supported me from Day One. You could find the support from my Sister on each and every one of my posts ❤

Waw one more super blog karthu. I imagine your Salsa dancing i am not able to control my laugh. We want to see it once we are together. Bob is the best friend who relaxed you before your exams. Cannot forget your karaoke experience. Photos are excellent. Well matured writing. Keep it up.❤️🌹
Karthu, I studied your post and enjoyed it word by word. So far i don’t know that a poet is inside you. Thanks for revealing it. Your kanyakumari trip would be most memorable one.

– Dad

Karthik, a poet in you. Really want to visit poovar second time. Continue with the best writing Karthik.

– Mom

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